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I get to exhibit at the Space Corner ... Contest

Caja Madrid is happy to invite you to visit the intervention of Christian Losada Corner space, from Thursday May 5, 2011


Under the title "Nice to meet you" independent curator Charlotte Santabárbara (Zaragoza, 1978) has selected six young artists working on identity in the social sphere, starting from the assumption individualistic Lipovestky ("the era of vacuum). The discourse of work of these artists will focus on aspects of human relationships, identity acquired in each relationship and how in spite of the huge collection of friends that have accumulated on social networks, we live in solitary confinement, devoid of interaction, as a tribute and reporting while individualism in which we are immersed, is posed as a critical reflection of our style of life while creating a dialogue with the viewer. CHRISTIAN


Christian work Losada (Zaragoza, 1975), which can be seen in the window of the room until July 3 shows a digital treatment intervention where questions sexual identity and its relation to gender in contemporary society, calling into question the identification of sexual orientation, gender and sexual identity, socially used in the wrong way and indistinct.

His intervention has an ever-changing interactive nature and consists of a montage of six personal identities. Periodically (once a week) the four central figures will be modified and interspersed with each other, creating an interplay of visual and iconographic exchange of body parts of these figures, therefore altering their physical appearance and changing concepts sexual identity man, woman, and hermaphrodite. This is to reflect the plurality of identities from a gender perspective, eliminating visual taboos.

With this work, Christian Losada, reflects on three concepts which he considers remarkable and clearly distinguished: " i identidad sexual or sex (biological body); sexual orientation (attraction , feeling, taste, other people-and animal-); gender (socially constructed through culture and education) ". Thus, it has created, at present, a maze too complex to get out, which results in the search, sometimes difficult, our own personal identity.

Space for Art
Zaragoza Plaza de Arag├│n, 4. 50004 Zaragoza
T. 976 23 92 62
intervention dates: May 05 to July 3, 2011


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